About the gear

All of the pony gear crafted by Tromper is hand-made and hand-finished.  As a result, no two pieces are the same.  


The Hoods

Hoods cover the entire head, and are either dyed or painted.  The mane is heat-resistant synthetic hair.  The hair is woven into a weft, using a process similar to that of wig makers.  The mane and crest piece are laced into the top of the hood in two places, allowing for easy sizing and adjusting for the best fit. 

The eyes are plastic lenses, with a gap left in the corners of the eyes to minimize fogging and allow for increased airflow.  Heavy-gauge wire in the muzzle provides additional support and helps prevent the deformation of the leather. 

The halter is made with 3/4" nylon webbing, available in a variety of colors. 


The  Forehooves

The Hooves, worn on the hands, are printed in PLA plastic and coated with several coats of either clear-coat resin or latex-based plastidip.  The resin provides a smooth glossy finish, while the plastidip creates a textured finish for those ponies who prefer the rubber/latex aesthetic.  Both finishes make the hooves very strong while remaining very light.

Pony leggings are created with a 2-inch leather collar providing support around the wrist, and then 6-8inch inches of material, hand sewn.  

The hooves can be printed in a variety of colors, although typically either in white or in black.  A variety of plastidip colors are available.  Resin can be clear, or tinted in a variety of colors.  

Horseshoes are available for additional cost.  Aluminum racing plates give that satisfying "clink", or cast resin shoes tinted to compliment your tack.  


The Tails

Similar to the mane, the tails are made from heat-resistant synthetic hair and are typically between 24"-30" long.  They have a wire core and are seated in a hand-cut, hand-sewn leather plate which has been dyed or painted.

Once seated in the leather tail plate, any standard belt can be used to secure the tail to your body.

Tails are BYOB (Bring Your Own Belt).

The tail is based on this original design.